Trash as someone’s treasure

Life is a world of vivid colour for multi-media artist Shinique Smith. And a chaotic one at that.
What some would call ‘hording’, holding on to their useless clutter for a rainy day, Shinique Smith uses for her art. Weeding out her own closet, including those of thrift stores like the Salvation Army, she divides her knick-knacks into starting points for a new work, or uses it as a source of inspiration for another.

Born in 1971 and from Brooklyn NYC, Shinique is inspired by what we consume and discard, using this idea as the basis for many of her artworks, for which she’s won many awards. T-shirts are dyed in varying hues and tied together in gradated harmony. Anything that can be recycled, especially second-hand clothing or fabrics, are composed to form a sculpture or installation, strewn together in a variety of forms, including bales, totems, and reclining figures.

Her work is represented by galleries in 4 different countries.

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