Shannan Click by Sophia & Mauro

Shannan Click wears the new Baroque inspired trend in a gorgeous editorial for Vogue Turkey. The gothic mood has been contrasted by the warm colour treatments in the photography and the addition of sunny blue skies. Less fierce and more feminine this way. Love this.

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Tom Dixon’s ‘eclectic’ misson

I’m in love with British design and manufacturing company Tom Dixons’ new ‘Eclectic’ range of gifts and housewares, made from honest materials like copper, marble, cast iron and wood. These weighty pieces are unique and designed to display around the home, most items with function and purpose as well as charm. In an effort to ‘revive’ the British furniture industry whilst still retaining its traditional heritage, Tom Dixon’s team releases regular collections of contemporary must-have home additions.

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Viktoria Sekrier by Jenny Brough

I love a shoot every now and then where the photographer has obviously completely surrendered to the styling and just captured it all in it’s full glory. It doesn’t happen that often as the artistic license of a photographer often precedes. This particular editorial, for Gloss in Slovenia, displays really layered,  intentional, and considered styling. Mostly completely unwearable, like much of fashion, but it’s statement and loud and I like it nonetheless.

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Part Five: Jasmine

83% of women’s and 33% of men’s fragrances contain Jasmine, its so hugely popular. Jasmine is best friends with loads of other flowers. It integrates well amongst other scents in fragrances, so it’s often blended with other favourite white flowers of mine like Tuberose, gardenia and honeysuckle. I can rarely walk past jasmine without stopping to look and smell, its fragrance is so strong.

One of most balanced concoctions of Jasmine perfection in a bottle is Serge Lutens’ A La Nuit. It varies with Indian, Eqyptian and Moroccan jasmines in the composition.

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Part Four: Rose

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but roses have obviously been used in perfumes for many years. It’s not my favourite  fragrance, but the look and appeal of roses are undeniably gorgeous.

Many perfumes contain rose middle notes, popular ones being Rose The One by Dolce & Gabanna, and the  Stella McCartney fragrances mostly contain rose.
Below is Creed’s Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, which gets mixed reviews on most fragrance websites. I generally love anything from Creed, and I love this one, so it’s in.

It was originally commissioned by Mrs Teddy Roosevelt in 1890. She first learnt of Creed whilst travelling in Europe on her honeymoon. She then wrote to Creed to request they develop a fragrance for her containing the Bulgarian tea roses she’d loved on her travels. Fleur de The Rose Bulgare is now the most popular Private Collection fragrance from Creed (others include one commissioned for Grace Kelly), but was made available to the public in the 2000 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Teddy Roosevelt’s election.


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Part Three: Lily of The Valley

The ancient flower: Lily of the Valley is fresh, graceful and sweetly scented. A wonderful plant for shady, moist spots in the garden. The little dark green plant is best suited to cool temperate and cold locations where shade and dampness prevail. It’s little bell shaped flowers look beautiful dangling upside down, and it’s in demand by florists for it’s exquisite fragrance- this makes Lily of the Valley a popular choice in wedding bouquets. Kate Middleton had them in her wedding to Prince William.

The ultimate Lily of the Valley fragrance is said to be Christian Dior’s ‘Diorissimo’. It used to be Dior’s lucky charm, as he would always sew a twig into the hem of his creations to bring them luck.

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Part Two: Gardenia

I will never tire of the glossy dark green leaves and the gorgeous look of the fragrant Gardenia. My favourite flower. There are over 250 species of Gardenia. It grows best in warmer climates and it flowers in a tubular, spiral style- normally in white or soft yellow. Not loved only for it’s heavenly perfume, Gardenia is also commonly used in Chinese herbal formulas to treat infections. It looks similar to, but shouldn’t be confused with Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, the Camelia, which has no scent.
Gardenia is one of those scents that you either love, or hate. It can be intoxicating at times, if you’re not into the traditional note. Many perfumer’s now mix Gardenia with other soft musk’s to make it more wearable.
I’ve owned plenty of Gardenia fragrances over the years, those being Kai EDP, Annick Goutal’s ‘Gardenia Passion’ and Estee Lauder’s ‘Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia’, which i discovered from a friend.

Hiding amongst the Gardenia’s is Chanel’s fragrance simply titled ‘Gardenia’. Using synthetic gardenia notes, it’s a lighter, more modern version of the original Gardenia fragrance created for Chanel by Ernest Beaux in 1925

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Part One: Tuberose

Part One of my Flora Series, which will profile a different favourite flower every day for a week, is one of my ultimate’s, Tuberose or ‘Polianthes Tuberosa‘.

For me, tuberose is such an addictive scent. It smells of warm jasmine and coconut. Tropical but still really elegant. Tuberose is known for it’s intoxicating fragrance. It grows fairly well indoors or outdoors but it craves the sun, so it needs to be given quite a few hours of sunlight each day. It’s not only used in fragrance or for it’s amazing decorative qualities, but it has also been used in beauty and health products for its oils and aphrodisiac qualities. It was one of the major herbs for ancient therapies and remedial process.

Hiding amongst the Tuberose flowers is Diptyque’s Do Son fragrance.A light and airy tuberose combination that reminds me of Summer.The perfect evening scent.

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Phoebe Tonkin fronts Jan Logan for 2013

For more than 20 years, family-owned Australian jeweller Jan Logan has developed her business into an international brand celebrated by women and celebrities, the world over.

Their past ambassadors include Elizabeth Debicki, Rose Byrne and Rachel Taylor, famous for their roles in the Australian film industry. Jan Logan have just announced the gorgeous Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin as the face of their new collection of fine jewellery for 2013, titled ‘Hudson’, with the campaign photographed by Chris Colls.  Jan Logan’s travels through Los Angeles, New York, and London were the inspiration for the collection; “My travels offered me a kaleidoscope of ideas. Diverse streetscapes, architecture and historical influences, such as the dedication of my son, Andrew Logan’s sculpture in the Canterbury Cathedral in the UK, all contributed to the design direction for the Hudson collection”.

Phoebe Tonkin is most popular for her role in H2O: Just Add Water, which gained her a nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Television Series at the AFI Awards. Since then, she has appeared in a number of Australian feature films and a US mini series, and now based in LA, she holds a permanent role in the US’s The Vampire Diaries. Phoebe has  been a fan of the brand, since she wore Jan Logan to her first red carpet event more than 5 years ago. She has some pieces in the collection named after her, which are a combination of white gold, diamonds and labradorite.

For the Hudson collection, the focus is more on unusual stones and materials. Distinctive finishes have been used alongside stones such as radiant tsavorite and warm smoky quartz, paired with black diamonds, Australian South Sea and Tahitian pearls, as well as bright semi-precious materials such as jasper and coral.All images: Chris Colls for Jan Logan

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L’Avion takes off

The humble scarf has come a long way since it’s inception in Ancient Rome, when it was known as a ‘sweat cloth’ to wipe moisture from the skin in hot weather. Since then, we’ve seen loads of fashion takes on a piece of fabric worn dozens of different ways, in many fabrications and prints, and for many occasions.
L’Avion is an Australian boutique label specialising in custom designed silk scarves and accessories. ModaMaison chats to it’s creator Jo Scahill about how she creates her unique scarves.

MM: What were you doing prior to creating beautiful scarves?
JS: Before starting L’Avion, I worked for big retailers including SABA and Topshop in the Buying and Merchandising areas. I lived in London for 5 years and soaked up everything that the UK and Europe had to offer and began my love affair with travel.

MM: Where do you find most of your inspiration?
JS: I get a lot of my inspiration from travelling and visiting new places and I am also a magazine addict, so I am constantly flicking through piles of magazines. I love visiting art galleries and old vintage furniture shops for ideas and new colour combinations.

MM: Tell us about your collaborations with artist Kelly Smith.
JS: Kelly was the perfect artist to bring my ‘Jardin’ collection to life. We had worked together previously on a single scarf design and I really wanted to create a complete collection that showcased her wonderful talent for combining gorgeous girls and beautiful animals in illustrations.

MM: Do you see L’Avion diversifying into other product areas down the track?
JS: Yes, I always have so many ideas around where to take the brand in the future, so adding new product ranges will just be a matter of time…watch this space!

MM: what’s your favourite way to wear a scarf?
JS: I am a bit of a fan of the tying in a bow, I wear anything from my largest to smallest scarves this way. It is a great look to dress up denim and a t-shirt. I also love a more casual thrown on look of draping multiple times around my neck. I wish I could rock the turban look but this style just isn’t for me!

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