Gary Bigeni X Matthew Johnson

Presenting a new collaboration by my good friend/ college buddy/fellow Malteser Gary Bigeni and Melbourne-based artist Matthew Johnson.
Both avid lovers of colour, the collection displays the pixelated effect of colours juxtaposed together, reflecting the digitalisation of the world we live in today. In line with Gary’s signature fluid silhouettes and clean lines, the collection is one of the freshest out there.

Some images of the new collection, worn by ModaMaison fave Marthe Wiggers.

GaryBigeniXMatthewJohnsonHere is ModaMaison’s exclusive chat with the quirkiest (and most colouful) guy in town, Gary Bigeni:

1. How did you first get a foot in the door?
After i finished the Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design at East Sydney in 2002 I was selected to be one of the students to show in a group show at Fashion Week in 2003. I had a small amount of interest from local and international stores and it kind of went from there!

2. What do you love about what you do?
I love that I’m able to be myself and create want and have always wanted to do .You have to do what feel right for you to make things happen.

3. How would you describe your labels’ aesthetic to the uninitiated?
Clean elements with interesting detailing that doesn’t need to scream out.

4. City you love most in the world, and why?
The city I love most is Paris . I love to roam the streets listening to music and people-watching.

5. Philosophy you live your life by?
There’s two: ‘Every day is a new day’ and  ‘Just shut up and do it!’

6. Do you see your label expanding beyond apparel in the future?
Maybe in to shoes and accessories is next. I would love to do that.

7. Teach us two things about prints we perhaps didn’t know
Prints don’t need to match together when wearing a look. Don’t be governed by the ‘rules’-  Enjoy colour and enjoy prints.

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