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Back on the 1st September, I had the pleasure of working with amazing new model Marthe Wiggers (IMG Models) for an upcoming story in Poster magazine called “Before the Dawn” (I will post those pics soon!).  Her doll-like face, and wide eyes make her a unique beauty. Still unaffected by the fashion world, and yet so professional beyond her years, Marthe’s rising star is already shining brightly for a long career. Moda Maison chatted exclusively to the modelling world’s hottest new face.  Marthe chats to us about her love for Taylor Swift, and hopefully one day appearing in Vogue.

MM: Tell us about how you got into modeling…
MW: I was scouted in a restaurant by Jeni Rose and David Cunningham from IMG in 2011. I was out with my family for dinner and coincidentally, the venue for fashion week was right next door.

 MM: What was your first ever job?
MW: The cover of Spur magazine in Japan was my first job. I was crazy nervous!

MM: What’s your heritage/background?
MW: I am originally from Holland, but due to my dad’s work we’ve moved around quite a bit. I’m so fortunate to have seen quite a bit of the world!

 MM: Considering you have already worked overseas, what do you hope for your future career as a model?
One day I would love to be in Vogue, it is a dream of mine that I’m hoping will come true!

 MM: What’s your most prized fashion moment thus far?
MW: My most prized fashion moment so far would have to be shooting for Elle, as it was a magazine I knew well. To be honest though, this entire modeling experience has been amazing from the beginning until now, and I prize each moment of it.
 MM: You have worked quite a bit in Japan…What’s the one thing you miss from home when you’re working overseas?
MW: Because I live in Australia, I mainly miss the weather when I’m gone. I miss going to the beach and waking up to super blue skies and sunny days.

 MM: What do you always carry to jobs in your tote bag?
MW: I always carry around a bottle of water with me. Getting thirsty is really NOT fun when you are in front of a camera for a long time. Recently I have also been taking my script from drama class with me as I have been rehearsing for an upcoming performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest”.

 MM: What’s the best perk in being a model?
MW: The best part of being a model is all the people you get to meet and the gorgeous clothes you get to wear. Everyone is always so lovely and it’s interesting to meet new people and hear their stories.

 MM: Who are your favourite designers?
MW: It’s difficult to choose because I have worn a lot of beautiful things recently. If I had to name one, I absolutely loved the clothes I wore at a shoot for Manning Cartell.

About Marthe:

MM: What’s the last song you danced to?
MW: The last song I danced to was” I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Last year, I was lucky enough to be right at the front of the mosh pit at her concert. Of  course the first thing I did was tell her how much I loved her!

 MM: What are your favourite subjects at school?
MW: History, Commerce and Drama are definitely my most favorite subjects!

 MM: If you could invite any 4 people over to dinner, who would they be?
MW: Being the crazy groupie I am, I would have to invite Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift! I would also invite one of my best friends, Emily who has recently moved to Scotland. Lastly I would invite Gemma Ward- There is something so interesting about her and I look up to her so much! Apart from being a super successful model, she also became an actress which is definitely something I would like to try out in the future.

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