Nature’s Finest.

naturellementIf i was rich, and had the money to splurge on the world’s finest jewels, lathering myself in diamonds and precious stones of all hues and saturation’s of the colour wheel, then formed into quirky shapes representing nature, it would undeniably be Cartier.
Opening tomorrow is The Cartier Naturellement exhibition, being held at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation Hall for one magical day only, Friday 22nd February 2013.

The exhibition celebrates the history of the secret garden of Cartier, where the wild and majestic felines come together with exotic birds and colourful insects and plants. Cartier’s long-time fascination with nature dates back to the early 20th Century. The forms of a flower have become the maisons’ signature identity, even long before it’s obsession with the animal kingdom. This is displayed in each collection, bringing modern flora and fauna-inspired pieces into three-dimensional keepsakes for the jewel boxes of lucky ladies around the world.

Below, a sample of the historical evolution of Cartier:
Images supplied courtesy of Cartier.

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