The Pop Asia debate

Just touching on some Spring 13 collections that are in-stores now. 
‘Orientalism’ is a trend that comes around season after season, and it’s a trend that I’ve never really admired. 
Maybe it’s because it’s often too stereotyped and literal (remember Louis Vuitton Spring 2011) or perhaps it’s because it seems too fancy dress. Okay I get that you could (maybe) see a Geisha shuffling through a park at random in Japan, but I’ve travelled through many parts of Asia, and oriental prints and shapes are just not a common form of dress.
Louis Vuitton Spring 2011It's a fail for me...

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011
It’s a fail for me…

Prada and Etro took a much too common approach to win my appreciation this Spring season. 
What was much cooler, was the sporty take on Orientalism seen at Céline and Haider Ackermann that’s so fresh for now. I realised this is the only time that Oriental-inspired fashion has appealed to me even the slightest bit, and I had to write home about it. 

This is how a cheongsam or samurai warrior’s jacket SHOULD be done. Subtly. 
Get a load of these little winner’s below. 
-It’s the kimono jacket at it’s finest, with the cut and sex appeal that it deserves.
 -It’s the origami folded high pants with just a hint of Asia- and not a bath house in sight.
-It’s the Harajuku platforms together with (gasp!) silk satin… and worn by Korean model, Ji Hye Park. But it totally works!  Likely because there’s not an orchid or lotus flower to be seen. And it’s in a palette of mostly black, white or gunmetal. 



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