There’s nothing ‘fad’ about Chanel

Now there’s no denying that the fashion world has it’s regular seasonal obsessions with the ‘new kid on the block’. Season after season it’s easy to see the way a fresh designer collection is hailed as the ultimate for the length of the season and then seldom heard of with the same level of publicity as soon as the weather changes.

The fashion media will find a new young designer to nurture and will proceed to propel to stardom for 15 minutes by
a) Being the first to tag their name all over social media like a 1970′s pash-rash
b) Jumping on the momentum of said designers’ bandwagon to self-promote themselves (via blog photographers) in the designers’ samples at Fashion Week
c) proclaiming that they’re “closet is full of their pieces, daaaaaahling!”

-that is, until the next big thing comes along.

It’s true! I remember it happening with little Thakoon Panichgul after his graduation collection for Parson’s. He was singled out by Anna Wintour and pimped out to GAP and Target faster than you could say ‘Michelle Obama’ (she gave him some well-deserved coverage). Same with Christopher Kane when he was fresh out of Central Saint Martin’s. His name was splashed left, right and centre (beside Donatella Versace’s!) until he just blended in to the fashion stratosphere. I saw it again with the sweet Rodarte sisters- They were all over WWD and had numerous consecutive CFDA nominations and wins through the years, but they’ve gone awfully quiet of late. Mary Katrantzou, similar thing. Fausto Puglisi, Celine’s rebirth, Ostwald Helgasson… they’ve all had little moments.

This week, I must have Chanel on the mind because, repetition aside, I just need to take a moment to declare how undeniably genius Chanel’s new Fall Winter 13/14 collection is. CHANEL is one of those label’s that is obviously tried and tested. There’s nothing ‘fad’ about Chanel. This is one label with craftsmanship and quality that can span generations. It can be appreciated by women of all age groups, and is able to reinvent itself without compromising it’s brand image.  In it’s true to form monochromatic palette of greys, blacks and whites, Chanel sparkled with it’s hints of sci-fi-styling and it’s timeless elegance. I particularly liked the volume and proportions from the house this season, and definitely worth noting are those AMAZING ‘biker-meets-cowboy’ boots worn over tweed and leather gaiters. Genius! Best footwear I’ve seen in ages from Chanel.
One thing I’m not lusting over is the silly little furry eskimo hats scattered through the show- Over-styled for a bit of shock-factor, but not necessary and not chic enough to come from Chanel.

Below are some of my favourite looks from CHANEL Fall winter 2013/14:


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