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DavidHicks2I love it when an interiors designer fuses natural textures like timber or stone, back with slick high gloss surfaces or polished concrete. The same goes for decorative elements like when a rustic wrought-iron chair can look just as comfortable sitting atop a flashy zebra rug, without looking out of place. For me, interior designer David Hicks manages to strike a perfect balance of contrasts  in all of his residential and commercial projects. DavidHicks1  Hicks, whose company is  internationally acclaimed, began specialising in bespoke design back in 2001, with his company based in Australian and a second office in LA. By considering architecture, interior design and decoration as one whole approach, David Hick’s brings his ideas to life through elements of surprise, desire and captivation. Like all of the best interiors, the finishes and furnishing’s are always of refined quality, and an expression of the client’s own style.DavidHicks4DavidHicks3

 Tribal, geometric, art-deco or traditional- the influences are all there in a folio of residences spanning from Melbourne and Sydney to Philadelphia. A checkerboard floor used in the right area makes a visual impact, pendant lights hungs together at tiered heights give an enchanted feel to a room, or a simple bunch of pink peonie’s in an asymmetric vase complete an entrance hall with the right finishing touch.  David Hicks applies many of these ideas to a number of high-profile commercial developments including hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and some pretty special retail spaces. His retail spaces are recognisable by design. Having worked with brands worth boasting about, the sexy- moody ‘Hicks’ signature is present in his use of lighting/shadows and darker finishes, where brighter colours would typically be used to attract the customer.

The Green with Envy store in Melbourne is particularly brilliant with it’s ‘Gatsby’ styling and girly palette.

The inviting Green With Envy store in Melbourne

The inviting Green With Envy store in Melbourne


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