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If you are a home wares fanatic, and especially if you love a ceramic or two, chances are you’ve heard of Ceramiche Dal Prà. They are masters of their craft with years of history and tradition. Domenico Agostinelli and Giuseppe Dal Prà founded the company eons ago, at the end of the 800′s. Years of experience honing their craft and interpreting old-world ceramics for the modern home required a stellar laboratory and showroom to master up such beauties, and it’s based in Nove, Vicenza. One of my favourite parts of Italy.

You can always count on the Italian’s to deliver quality, and not quantity. This is the philosophy of their production. It’s a rarity these days as companies struggle to profit or break even, outsourcing to China and the like. But with these guys, almost everything is handcrafted and hand decorated by Caramiche Dal Prà, and it’s completely made in Italy.

Oh how I would just love to fill a whole house with this stuff. Some of their current collections- modern and sexy- are my favourites:

The Owl collection- more for visual appeal rather than practicality. But perfect for the bedside table as the owl is the night messenger and keeper of wisdom. Just don’t slam your water glass on its head during the night.
The Rome collection- Italy’s capital in all it’s ancient splendour and glory! The statues add superiority and strength to any home setting. Wise to learn who these emperors are before your dinner guests’ curiosity gets the better of you!
The Bamboo collection – inspired by the natural world, bamboo ceramics in the form of vases and lampshade stands in a sexy glossy black, turquoise or white. Modern. Nothing ‘Bali’ about these…
The Mare collection-Fusing the sea and aquatic flora together to form sexy statement home wares like vases and lamp stands.
Ceramiche2Ceramiche1Images supplied by Ceramiche Dal Prà  (www.ceramichedalpra.com)

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