The only way is all-in-one

I think I may finally be ready to embrace the jumpsuit of sorts. I’ve seen some goodie’s around now and I think I’m ready.
Season after season, I have looked at others wearing these, and the majority of the time I’ve thought they looked a little try-hard, or much too young for the wearer. But the ‘onesie’ is all grown-up now. It’s been fine-tuned and beautifully tailored and produced in clean-cut shapes and in quality fabrics by designers, rather than the abundance of printed polyester flooding of the chain stores. Amen.

It’s no secret that the jumpsuit has a reputation for being hard to wear. And a downright pain-in-the-ass to tackle when the loo calls. But there’s also no denying that the trend was not just a fad, this one’s sticking around for the long run. It’s surprising how versatile they can be; good for weekend lunch dates, jazzed up for night, weddings etc. We’ve seen them done well loads of times on the red carpet, some with success- (Gwyneth is a fan and wears them really well, as does Anja Rubik. Miley Cyrus likes to give one a whirl regularly) and some with not so much flattering success. My go with the jumpsuit is to keep it minimalist- they just look so much better when there’s little accessorising, and when they’re not too roomy or too tight. A tricky shape like the Gucci Resort combined wrap torso, fastened waist and pyjama pant-style base can prove to be a mess if it’s not on the right height. So take precaution and keep it simple.

I’ve included below some of my favourite’s from Resort 14, plus an admired Giambattista Valli style from Spring 13.
jumpsuitsSource: images via

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Wang’s multi-proportional Resort for Balenciaga

Alexander Wang’s Resort 2014 collection for Balenciaga literally speaks volumes, as Wang referenced the signature oversize proportions of the house for the collection. In a typical Wang monotonal palette of blacks and whites, the scribble print was also re-introduced this season, touching on the history of the house of Cristóbal Balenciaga. I found the silhouette to be really grown-up compared to previous collections in Wang’s design, and even so for Nicolas Ghesquière’s collections which were often a bling’ing fantastical confidence of colour and science.  So it seems the brand may be transitioning into another phase as Wang is finding his feet at Balenciaga, we will keep watching this space.

Hit? the shredded plastic bucket hats and heels add texture to a fairly minimalist collection

Miss? Not loving the brief midriffs and up-top proportions… These won’t look good on anyone’s ab’s, not even Kate Upton’s.



Source: images via


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Rosie Tupper for ELLE Vietnam June 2013

This week, ELLE Vietnam released a story that I shot for them back in January this year with photographer Matthew Ryder. I’m so proud of the results we achieved. Sourcing product from the Asian counterparts for the luxury labels and the Australian PR offices across the new year period is not an easy task. I received my brief two days before Christmas and had to action it immediately, maintaining contact as much as possible through the break and into the first days of January.  Our shoot date was scheduled for the 12th Jan. I went back and forth between the Australian contacts and their Asia-Pacific sister offices tracking down specific looks from the Spring 2013 collections.
We were able to mix in a number of Australian labels who have generated a presence overseas, and we worked with Perth beauty Rosie Tupper to give the quintessential Aussie beach vibe. This particular photographic treatment would have to be one of my favourites, where the skin tones are pink and creamy, with soft grain. Hope you love the muted colour palette in the clothes also.


1  2 3 5 6 7 89

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The olfactory experience

What do you get when a young, creative, well-dressed Fine Arts graduate wants to create fragrances rather than paintings?
A chance meeting with a perfumer convinced a 31 year old Swede Ben Gorham to do just this in 2006. Born to an Indian mother, a Canadian father, Gorham travelled regularly, living in Toronto, New York and Stockholm, fueling his inspiration for his Swedish-based fragrance company BYREDO. The range of Eau De Perfumes and room fragrances are some of the most unique I’ve ever smelt. Along with a focus on ethnic influences which give the brand it’s identity, Gorham has created  simple compositions of the highest quality materials available, making the fragrances and candles so lush to smell. My favourite? Bal D’Afrique- even this body lotion lasts forever on this skin.
So successful is his approach to his brand, that BYREDO is stocked globally in more than 22 countrie’s. Get some locally at
ByredoSource: images of Ben Gorham and Bal D’Afrique via

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A whiter shade of pale

Winter White made the strongest impression on catwalks for the Fall 2013/14 season. Just keep your spaghetti bolognese at a distance whilst dressed head to toe in this look.  It may not be the most practical trend, but it’s one of the new seasons most wearable trends, easily replicated from the wardrobe’s of most women…

Stark, fresh and minimalist; shades of oyster, eggshell, alabaster and antique whites were layered together to create a kind of snowy sandwich. Different shades were varied so subtly, but made intentional as part of the look.
To get the look right,  go for striking texture and cut- my favourite boys at Proenza Schouler did this best as they paired a thick bouclé tweed back with woven strips of leather. Crafty handiwork and no doubt an expensive combination from the label whose RRP’s continue to rise as they expand on their accessories development and e-commerce, and maximize on fabrications since their relatively new financial backing.

WinterWhiteSource: images via

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Peplum waisted- the trend that never dies.

 They hit the runways for Spring with flirty and flouncy styles, while the new Fall season welcomes them again with a sharper, more structured elegance. We have seen the Peplum for at least four seasons running now. 

We’ve had oversize t-shirts, boyfriend jeans, and leather jackets season after season that these have now become a wardrobe basic, but the Peplum- such a specific fashion item, is fast on its way to becoming a staple. Maybe because its a trend that suits all age groups? An organza or silk taffeta peplum top looks divine on a 50-60 year old, as does a leather version on a 20-something! It really is the catwalk to high street fusion that’s just as popular on a-list celebrities as it is on street-style mavens. Worn on the cheap back with dispensable chain store combo’s, or teamed with Celine and Balenciaga for the afficionado’s with the bank balance to match. 

Wearing Spring’s Peplums for Winter
Carry over your Peplum pieces from seasons past with these great tips.

  • Spring’s peplum cocktail dresses—especially dark colors—transition well into fall. Combine these with a structured coat and knee-length flat boots.
  • A sleeveless peplum top will work back with oversize leather pants or waxed denim plus a pair of closed-toe pumps. A tapered jacket like a blazer will complete your Winter look.
  • Detachable peplums work well transitioning into fall – you can even find belt versions to add to a regular top or high waist skirt (Etro offer a great one, and locally you can get one from Peter Lang), these can be worn over a wool or leather shift dress in the winter

 Some rules for wearing Peplums

  • Be aware of your body type when picking this style. If you have a larger bottom, a peplum skirt is not a wise choice; you should consider a peplum top instead.
  • Combine prints, lace or mesh detailing with Peplums and other key trendy pieces in your wardrobe.
  • Try bolder, more structured peplum ruffles this time around -great for minimising the look of alarge bust, by drawing attention to the peplum, and good for hiding a food baby.
    peplum1peplum2Source: images via
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It’s Ruben’s fantasy…

The new Christian Louboutin Fall/ Winter 2013/14 magical collection was inspired by artist Peter Paul Ruben’s fantastical prints of nymphs and Satyrs, and a storm of  Greek gods and goddesses.



Images via Christian Louboutin Automne-Hiver lookbook

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Hermès Nombre D’Or

From the beautiful new Hermès catalogue, Nombre D’Or.

“Precise alchemy, precious geometry: the bracelet plays with the light in it’s golden glow. White, rose, yellow- Hermès makes the world go round.”

“Ever since Antiquity the Golden Ratio (Nombre D’or) has symbolised universal harmony. Scientists, artists and architects saw it as a model of aesthetic, spiritual and philosophical perfection. “

Image source: Hermes photographers Iris Velghe, Koto Bolofo, Enrique Badulescu, Masao Nishikawa, Zoë Ghertner, Michel Denancé, Paul Lepreux

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What You’ll be wearing for FALL 2013

It was all anarchy at Junya Watanabe, Versace and Fausto Puglisi. It’s a look referenced regularly by Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier- biker zip jackets, bold tartan checks and acid wash (Rodarte). Whilst PUNK was definitely a trend for the season, it wasn’t heavily referenced by the big names though.

You can always count on Céline of late to deliver a breath of fresh pastel amongst a sea of  Winter darkness. The softest peach and candy pink tones were represented in minimalist shapes (mostly oversize coats) all over the runways. When designer’s would typically favour deeper, richer hues for Fall, there was a push toward the ‘girlier’ end of the colour spectrum this year.  Ice blue was a popular colour choice at Rochas, Sonia Rykiel and Gucci.

The cinematic, full-skirted look made famous by Christian Dior in 1948 was referenced again for the Winter season, with designers building out hemlines in to full skirts, draped skirts and skirts with nets underneath.The look appeared as a suited outfit at many different shows, with coats draped over the shoulders to give an effortlessly polished vibe.
Fur was in abundance for Fall 2013. It was so present you’d be left to wonder if there was any roadkill left on the world’s highways.
It wasn’t all glam though in my opinion. The normally ‘opulent’ fur trend turned down-right yeti at some shows (I’m talking ’bout you Sylvia Fendi, and you Tom Ford). So cartoonish was Donatella Versace’s bold yellow coat covered with animal spots and stripes, it wasn’t so visually pleasing. Below are some of my favourites.
Houndstooth, Herringbone, and Price of Wales checks were present in many collections, giving an English duck-hunting vibe to the new Fall season. Heavy tweeds and wools were draped and manipulated just like their lighter-weighted fabric friends, and they were also dotted with trimmings like feathers or lace applique. When you raid your Grandads closet in search of vintage replica’s, ensure you search for styles that fit closer to the body for a more feminine silhouette.
CHECKSSource: images via

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A natural sugar fix

Crazy for Pina Colada any time of the year!
My current obsession with all things pineapple-related has nothing to do with 60′s retro surf or Hawaii. I love it’s natural geometric shapes, and the way it tastes when mixed with Malibu. I also love pineapple on pizza.

1. Bermuda lamp base: (
2. lamp stand: (
3. pineapple ring: (
4. aluminium pineapple cactus (
5. Aquazurra pina colada heels: (
6. pineapple ornament: (
7. Kiehl’s pineapple papaya facial scrub: (
8. white linen pineapple cushion: (
9. 4pc pineapple cutlery set: (
10. Kate Spade pineapple clutch: (

Source: main image via

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