Embracing Gatsby style

Art Deco is all about symmetry and balance, so it’s no surprise that it resonates with me. It’s been my favourite period since I remember learning all about it way back in fashion college. Maybe it’s the bold geometric shapes that I love, or the lavish over-the-top ornamentation.
The Art Deco movement began at about 1908 in Europe and remained popular until about the end of World War II. The Chrysler building in New York, of 1928, is a beautiful example of art deco architecture.
What forms the Art Deco signature? Look for curved lines contrasting with sharp lines. Repetition of everything including lines, trims, shapes. Geometric versions of motifs representing nature like suns, shells, waterfalls, and leaves.
Because travel during the Art Deco period was popular, the interiors were often influenced by the colour palettes and textures from global surrounds. Think Egyptian pyramids and the types of materials seen on African safari like animal skins, ivory and mother of pearl. A typical Art Deco interior would posess bold patterned wall coverings, black and white vinyl check flooring or parquetry, linear cut fireplaces, grand curved staircases, a palette of glossy black, white, oyster and beige, and shades of green and red. Shortly I’ll be posting more about the latest Deco interiors to inspire, so stay tuned.
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