Modern Opulence

In the modern world we live in, the power of simplicity rules for home styling.
Our lives are so cluttered with popular culture and social media (in amongst the important stuff) that people with busy days often lean towards a more minimalist home where the mind can breathe. Scandinavian design has been dominating for some time now and I think it’s because of this overload.

But I don’t think an appreciation for the old-world should be lost. A Venetian mirror can look just as comfortable in a minimalist setting as a frameless one, for example. And a French bed head can add the right amount of spice to a room if its surroundings are simple. There’s no denying that opulence has taken a back seat in the modern home, but here are some ideas for the way technically ‘busy’ or ‘loud’ furnishings can add interest to clean home styling.

Image source: frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk, venetiandesign.in, bellafigura.com, cocorepublic.com.au,

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