On the First day of Christmas…

There’s nothing more special than receiving jewellery at Christmas, whether it’s the extravagant type that’s keep under lock and key, or the hand-me-down kind with more sentimental history than monetary value.
From left: Bulgari ‘Diva’ pink gold earrings with pavé diamonds (3.66 cts), Bulgari ‘Diva’ pink gold ring with pavé diamonds (3.15 cts), Bulgari ‘Diva’ pink gold earrings with mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds (0.40 cts)

Bulgari Sydney, 64-68 Castlereagh Street: (02) 9233 3611
Bulgari Melbourne, 123 Collins Street: (03) 9663 8100
Bulgari Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street: (03) 9699 9612
Bulgari Brisbane, David Jones QueensPlaza, Queen Street: (07) 3243 9316

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Becker Minty X Kelly Wearstler

Sydney homewares dynamo Jason Minty of Becker Minty knows a thing or two about impeccable taste. The Becker Minty attraction  is like a jewel box of wild and wonderful things for those obsessed with home decor and anything aesthetically pleasing really. ModaMaison gets to know Jason Minty, as he prepares to launch Kelly Wearstler jewellery exclusively to BeckerMinty this October.
Jason Minty and ModaMaison have a common link in that we have both long been a fans of the all-round West Coast super-power Kelly Wearstler. Her widely celebrated Modern-Glam style makes her the Dame of Interior Design and a regular on Best Dressed lists. I have no idea how she finds the time, but along with collaborating with some of the design industries biggest names, Wearstler produces a collection of ready-to-wear, jewelry, furniture, wallpapers and trims, home accessories and objects d’art based on the vibrancy of her interiors, which includes residential interiors for the most prominent players in the worlds of art, business and entertainment.

Jason Minty with Kelly Wearstler in Paris.

Jason Minty with Kelly Wearstler in Paris.

MM: Who are you?
JM: I’m Jason Minty, founding partner and co-owner of the Becker Minty stores.

MM: What are two things about Jason Minty we probably wouldn’t know?
JM: I was in Tiananmen Square the night before the massacre in 1989. I had been an AFS exchange student to Malaysia in 1987 and that led to me studying Chinese in Tianjin.I had to get myself out of China very quickly and with no communication – it was a very interesting time.

MM:Tell us why you love what you do.
JM: Sourcing and discovering pieces for the stores, creating the look of  Becker Minty – it makes me smile every day. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching someone pick up one of my discoveries and seeing it resonate with them. I love it when people ‘get’ my aesthetic.

MM: Describe the Becker Minty aesthetic in one sentence.
JM: Maximalist interiors with a touch of the unexpected.

MM: Where in the world do you find most of your style inspiration?
JM: Globally, I love exploring NYC and Paris. I know everyone says that, but it’s only a cliché because its true.

MM: What brought about the introduction of Kelly Wearstler’s products to Becker Minty?
JM: I had long been a fan of her bold, textured colourful style.  I love her books, and I love staying in the hotels she has designed. I’d been to her store and knew there could be a fantastic connection with Becker Minty. When I was in LA earlier this year I went to Kelly’s office to talk about bringing her products to Australia, and was very flattered to learn that Becker Minty was on their target list for Australia, that they had already scoped my store out and knew the brand fit was good. Then, when I was in Paris last month I met up with Kelly which was another delightful and positive experience.

Kelly Wearstler jewellery, available at Becker Minty

MM: Demand is high for the upcoming release of the Kelly’s jewellery line to Becker Minty and you’ve upgraded your web orders. In your opinion, why has Kelly Wearstler developed such a cult following, and what makes her so successful as a designer?
JM: She takes risks and creates spaces/jewellery pieces which are bold and confident. She’s one of the first contemporary interior designers who successfully merges different design periods and she does it so well. She pulls the look together with colour, texture and pattern which is similar to what we do at Becker Minty.  We merchandise looks often based on a colour palette or a design style.  Kelly Wearstler interiors or jewellery pieces are not for the shy, but rather those who like to make a statement.

MM: What can we look forward to in the future?
JM: The Kelly Wearstler jewellery collections will arrive in store this month. Then from next month we’ll be adding her decorative objects and home wares. Including the most amazing Head Trip sculpture – each one unique and signed by Kelly. They’re so special, the first one to arrive I’d kill to keep for myself.  And of course we are also looking ahead to a visit to Australia by Kelly herself.

Stockist: Becker Minty (www.beckerminty.com/)

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